Let the training commence

Today marks the start of my official marathon training. This time in 20 weeks I will have completed 26.2 miles for first time, along the beautiful Brighton seafront; but its not just the race itself I am looking forward to but the challenge of the training that goes with it. Knowing I have a marathon to run, is a massive push to get me off the sofa and out running during the cold winter months.

I’m not going to be following a strict a training plan per se, rather using it as a reference  point as to how many miles I should be aiming for each week. This is mainly because of my need for flexibility, I don’t want to be feeling guilty for missing running a  set number of miles on a set day of the week because of work demands or there being an event I was to attend.

So my plan is: one long run a week, two shorter runs, two fitness sessions such as spinning or HIIT, a yoga session and a rest day.

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

Having done a spin class on both Friday and Saturday my legs weren’t exactly fresh this morning  so  I went for a gentle slow paced five mile run around my local park in Crystal Palace. It was super windy and raining but I just kept thinking that  if I wasn’t able to drag myself out on Day 1 of Week 1 then I had no hope of surviving the next 20 weeks.

I’m planning on doing a weekly training update post and will dabble in posting about any particularly exciting events I attend or health/fitness products I discover. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Here’s to the next 20 weeks.

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