Week 1

I’m sat here feeling pretty happy about how Week 1 panned out but my initial thought is just how much time training took up this week.

A little run down of what I got up to:

Monday – Spin class at Pure Gym

This was atrocious. I have already ranted in person, on a comments card and on social media – industrial lights that couldn’t be turned off, inappropriate music and an instructor who lacked both a microphone or any enthusiasm. I ended up partially ignoring anything I could hear her say and doing my own thing to get a sweat on.

Tuesday – Nike’s NTC launch of Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s ‘Runner’s strength and balance workout’

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Other than meeting an truly inspirational athlete, who gave me massive abs envy, trying out the new Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2 trainers, the great tank and yummy post work out treats, the actual workout itself was educational and spot on for what exercises I need to be introducing into my training to complement my running and fitness sessions.


The workout is available on the NTC app and takes just 16 mins, so can be easily slotted into a busy schedule and completed before or after a run.  Nike most certainly know how to put on an event.

FullSizeRender (19).jpg

Wednesday – Advent running event – Fall in love with running

Advent running is now in its second year and the concept is simple, it encourages people to run or be active for 30 minutes from 1-25 of December. They are putting on lots of great running events in London during Advent and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. I would highly recommend you check out their website and find others who are participating by searching – #25in25 and #runforsprouts on social media.

FullSizeRender (16)

Firstly my glutes hurt like hell, I had no idea just how effective KJT’s workout was going to be, look out for the weird slight ankle flicks that you don’t imagine are doing much at the time, they are deceiving!  So walking was somewhat of a struggle but I powered through and we got a solid fast paced 4 miles in, despite my face/knees/elbow-pavement encounter……. as humiliating as it was I was just grateful that my favorite running tights or jacket didn’t rip!  The run was followed by inspirational stories by Holly Rush (Team GB Marathon and Ultra runner), Vicky Gill (Professional Triathlete) and Simon Freeman (Running Guru).

Thursday – Yoga at home

I had a solo run planned but mentally I didn’t have a great day. I ate three packets of crisps in a row, felt sorry for myself and then instead of reaching for some wine I rolled out the yoga mat and some calming music. Some days life gets the better of you, sometimes a low mood can hit you and you have to fight to get rid of it but I always find that exercising helps. My glutes most definitely appreciated Pidgeon pose.

Friday – Psycle 


I was pleased as punch to nab a bike at Psycle in Canary Wharf for one of the Ted Baker – #FitToaT rides. It was my second time at the studio and I loved it even more. There is  just something about it being Friday evening, all riding in synchronization, in an amazing setting, with Sophia the instructor urging you to ‘Let it all go’.  We were rewarded with a post workout protein smoothie and the satisfaction that we had kicked off the weekend with a massive sweat session rather than one to many at the pub.

Saturday – Long run


My first long run came in at 9.3 miles. I needed a focus rather than laps of the park so I decided to combine my running with needing to do the weekly shop and feeling a little guilty for leaving the boyfriend, Alex, to do it alone for yet another week whilst I went off exercising. We chose a Tescos store 3.5miles away, I set out on foot and Alex went by car. I met him mid-shop, made sure some of my essentials were in the trolley, refueled with a Nakd bar and quick drink and set back off in the opposite direction. Having had a short break mentally I was totally happy with the notion of running to get myself back home rather than staying and getting a lift in the car, which I was a little worried I might cave over. My legs weren’t to sure about being restarted, particularly as the first stretch was a mile and a half up a steep hill; but once it flattened out I eased back into my pace. I then proceeded to get a little lost and ended up adding 2.3 miles onto the run. If I’m honest I felt pretty epic.

Sunday – Rest day

A lie in, roast lunch, decorated the Christmas tree and planned Week 2.

Things I learnt this week: 

  1. Marathon training is going to take up ALOT of my time.
  2. Not everyone will understand my decision to run a marathon but there is a whole community out there who do and they are bloody amazing.
  3. Running headbands are extremely unattractive but an essential bit of kit for the winter months.
  4. I do not own enough decent trainer liners.
  5. Nakd bars are easy to eat fuel during a run.

That’s all for this week, off for a bath and foam roller session ahead of Week 2.

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