Week 2

Week 2 started off well, the middle of the week threw up some unplanned rest days but I finished with a BOOM.

Here is the run down from Week 2:

Monday – Solo run

IMG_6619 (1).JPG

After a long run on Sunday I was a little worried how fresh the legs would be but I headed out after work for a little over five miles. I’ve seen a lot of training plans specifically including sessions focusing on hills but living in Crystal Palace its hard to avoid them in any run so for now I don’t have any specific sessions planned. The legs were feeling surprisingly sprightly and I even pushed to make my fastest mile the final mile uphill back home; partly because by this point I was just really really hungry – the heart rate monitor on my TomTom watch sky rocketed!


Tuesday  – Gym session 

IMG_6688 (1)

I used to be a massive gym bunny and I do miss the warmth of the gym on a cold wet winter evening however I will totally trade that for the battle for machines, the hoverers (I have literally been on this machine 2 seconds, go away I’m going to be a while) and the half naked people prancing about. That aside, when I finally managed to get on a treadmill I did 20 minutes of treadmill ‘sprints’ starting off at 10mph increasing every minute up to 15mph  and then repeating this three times.

I also finally got the chance to use a stairmaster and loved it as an alternative form of cardio, who would have thought climbing some stairs would turn you into such a sweaty mess, adding this piece of kit to my future fantasy home gym.  I finished up with some floor work – sit ups, press ups, planking and the like. This is probably my biggest mental block, I will happily (whilst grimacing and shaking) do these exercises in classes but really have to push my self to do these exercises when working out alone. This is something I’m working on!

Wednesday – Product testing with Tribe

These guys are fantastic, I love the concept behind Tribe, the community they have built and their products are super yummy. I don’t think I can justify just a single paragraph in my weekly training update post. I had my first Tribe box arrive this week and once I have done some munching I will be doing a separate post solely on Tribe. So for now I will leave it at that I was fed a lot of energy bars in a blind taste testing and got to provide my opinion on taste, texture, packaging, nutrition etc. It was a great evening to be involved in –  If only I could be a full time fitness/health product tester…..

IMG_6690 (1).JPG

If you can’t wait for the full post, check them out on social media – @thetribeway (twitter) / @the_tribe_way (instagram) or their website.  If you would like the wonders of a Tribe pack popping through your letterbox you can try your first pack for just a £1 by entering the promo code TRIBE13432 at the checkout.

Thursday – Unplanned rest day


I was sent to York by work to visit a client. In total it was a round trip of 10 hours for a 1.5 hour visit and for someone who gets travel sick this wasn’t pleasant. I left the house shortly after 7am and didn’t get back until 9:45pm and went straight to bed. I was a little irritated that I didn’t get a run in but at least I was able to use some of the time on the train reading a book my sister gave me – ‘The complete running and marathon book’. Its available on Amazon and I would highly recommend it in gaining an insight and understanding of what your body undergoes during training, particularly for marathon newbies like me.

Friday – I was scared to exercise and well and truly saving myself for what was to come. See below.


I came across this ‘Urban Tri’ event on Instagram several weeks ago and recall saying to Alex, this is absurd, you have got to be insane to want to spend a Saturday  putting your body through that. Famous last words.

We started off a 1Rebel for Leg 1 of 3 with a Reshape class. I’ve done this once previously, in October and honestly it was the hardest class I’ve ever done, I came out saying running a half marathon was easier. In a  45 minute class, you do 3 rounds of 7 minutes switching from  running at an incline/sprints on a treadmill to HIIT exercises on the floor/using a box/weights with a maximum 30 seconds of recovery between the switch. Intense doesn’t even cover it.  I didn’t exercise for three days after my October class. So dripping in sweat, my body screaming at me to stop I pushed my way through the class. On the plus it was easier than the first time but then it dawned on me that was only the beginning…….


After a 10 minute break, grabbing some water, quick pics and refueling with a Tribe bar we set off on Leg 2 of 3. A 10km run led by Tribe from East to West London. After just 1km I could feel my legs getting heavy and running along I felt what I can only describe as my legs being set in concrete. I literally had to keep repeating, left, right, left, right in my head to keep my feet moving. 10km is one of my favorite distances and I was getting annoyed with my body that I was finding it so difficult; I had to keep reminding myself I had just done a Reshape class.


We finished the run at our final destination, Core Collective, for the final Leg of the challenge, an Accelerate class. Fueled by some delicious Coco Pro pineapple flavored coconut water I went into the final leg knowing that the end was in sight and with the confidence that I could survive 45 minutes of spinning particularly with the excitement of being at a new studio.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

Photocredit – @mrssmithruns – sweating alongside these lovely ladies, Sasha and Naomi, made the day all the more enjoyable

Rebel To The Core Challenge well and truly SMASHED and we raised £1600 for Syrian Supper Club. I hobbled home extremely proud and amazed by what my body can endure. To think this time last year I wouldn’t have even contemplated taking part in such an event.   This has given me a real indication that both mentally and physically I’m going to make it through my first marathon (and the training) just fine. As if that was ever in question…….. #determined.

FullSizeRender (21)

Photo credit – Tribe via @the_tribe_way

Sunday – If you were expecting me to exercise please re-read Saturday’s recap! 

Every muscle in my body aches.  Even holding my phone with both hands hurt enough for me to put it down. I took my very stiff legs for an amble around Crystal Palace park and to get a coffee earlier today. Now for the weekly Sunday night ritual of a warm bath and a foam roller session before taking on Week 3.







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