Week 3

Week 3 of the training saw me bank a little over 27 miles. I’m currently writing this from the bath (God bless the WordPress app!) giving my legs a well earned soak in a dose of muscle relaxation salts.

The week went a little like this:

Monday – muscles still sore from Rebel to the Core.

Tuesday – finished work super late but knew I had a long run coming the next day.

Wednesday – LONG LONG RUN

As in the furthest I’ve ever run in my life all in one go. So Tuesday night the out of office was set for a glorious 19 days and what did I want to do with my first day off, a long run! My parents live, according to Google, exactly 13 miles from my flat, so I thought I would combine my long run with making the journey home. Except I got a little lost and we were going to The Christmas at Kew lights trail so I had a backpack full of clothes on. 14.8 miles and 2.5 hours later I made it.

My legs were fresh having not run for four days and it wasn’t until Mile 10 that I began to struggle, my legs began to feel a little heavy so my pace slowed but otherwise I carried on.

At Mile 12 I faced the decision of a steady uphill incline then a mile downhill with a scenic route or a flat route through the town centre. I’d like to say I chose the hill to challenge myself even further at that point in the run but honestly I was such a sweaty mess by this point I didn’t want to bump into any one I knew that I hadn’t seen in years in the town centre! The mile down hill was bliss and I might have put Eye of the Tiger on to enhance the elation.

This was also the first run where I really had to think about fuelling. I took a litre of water with me in my backpack, a Tribe bar and one of Tribe’s trail mixes. I didn’t refuel or take on fluids until Mile 8  and in hindsight I left it too late. I ended up guzzling all of my water in one go and the Tribe bar dissapeared in seconds. This left my stomach feeling a little unhappy for the next few miles. Having to retrieve fuel from my backpack I had to stop running for a few minutes but the Tribe bar is definitely something I would have been able to eat while carrying on running. I attempted to have some of the trail mix on the go at Mile 10 but my poor co-ordination got the better of me, that’s definitely something I would need to stop to eat.

My legs were ok for several hours before I started waddling like a penguin round Kew Gardens. Maybe people thought I was getting into the spirit of things with all the lights, music and Christmas animals (I’m sure there were penguins there!)  I also well and truly deserved the toasted marshmallow ( and the burger) I devoured, running that far makes you super hungry.

Thursday – I went on a long walk to ease the leg stiffness.

Friday – 5 mile run 

Legs recovered surprisingly well and I made it out for a steady 5 miles before heading up to visit The Sky Garden. If you haven’t been, the views are fantastic and tickets are free, win win.

Saturday – Another long walk 

Sunday – 7.2 mile run

We were heading into Bromley to go shopping ,  which theoretically is 5 miles away. I set off on foot and Alex gave me a head start before driving to meet me. This time I didn’t get lost exactly, more took a route that was slightly longer! After 2 miles I was a little panicked by my my right groom muscle twingeing, I slowed my pace for a mile and it dissapeared. Disaster averted! I was so very grateful the torrential rain held off until I made it inside.

Although Shopping on the last weekend before Christmas, what were we thinking! Rewarded myself with a Starbucks Toffee Nut latte (skimmed milk but I earnt the cream on the top). Comically this is how Alex and I order our coffee.

Have to say I am feeling throughly relaxed and loving having time to prepare proper meals and go running during the day. Bring on the next two weeks!  My next update won’t be until after the big day so Merry Christmas to you all. I hope there is lots of festive running and eating to be done.

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