Week 4

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, surrounded by family, feasting and managed to sneak a little fitness in.

I can’t believe I’m a month into my training already, December has flown by.  So far I’ve clocked up 77 miles (according to my Nike plus app) and there are still 4 days of December to go, so I’m aiming to reach 100 miles.

A run down of the week’s festivities:

MondayLong walk

Tuesday – Be:Fit London Run Club – Christmas Lights Run


Be:Fit London run club started 8 weeks ago in order to inspire ladies in London to keep running in the cold winter months rather than head straight for the couch and wine after work. We average around 5km each week and all abilities are welcome. The runs are frequently led by the lovely fitness blogger Charlie Watson (@therunnerbeans) and there is a bag drop.

FullSizeRender (24)

After the run we are rewarded by some fab goodies from a range of generous brands. Above were the goodies from our Christmas run with photo credit to the lovely Rosh (@roshetc).

If you fancy joining us the next run will be on Tuesday 12th Jan, details will be up on their social media on Jan 6th.

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

Wednesday – 11 miles of walking around London including braving Bond Street and Oxford street. We rewarded ourselves with Shake Shack. 

Thursday – 6.3 mile run


Managed to sneak in a Christmas Eve run in between wrapping presents and devouring mince pies.

Friday & Saturday



I consumed a lot of food, barely even did any walking but had a fantastic Christmas and Boxing day. This Fit Girl was clearly on Santa’s nice list, I was super lucky to find Lululemon, Adidas, Sweaty Betty and 2XU in my stocking. I will be putting up a post on my gorgeous new kit once it’s all been tested out.

Sunday – 9 mile run


Having not slept properly and eaten way too much over the last two days I was left feeling bloated, sluggish, grouchy and itching to run. I’m not sure I have ever properly craved a run before, at least not in the way I crave other things, mainly food. This was a real breakthrough mentally in my training. Physically I felt great and could have easily gone for several more miles but didn’t want to over do it and not be able to run tomorrow.

Just a month in and I have noticed how much fitter I feel and how I have become a more confident runner. Although its never been an aim of the training, as an added bonus, despite the Christmas feasting, I have also lost 7lbs; not going to say no to there being less jiggle when I run.

Now to use the next 4 days to get ahead start on smashing my 2016 goals.

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