Reflections & resolutions

2015 hasn’t been easy.

Work was extremely stressful as we were massively understaffed and I fell subject to the cliched ‘Overworked, underpaid’. Being on such a low salary in London can really take its toll every single month, the idea of going on holiday couldn’t ever be considered. I also found out a few weeks ago that when I qualify in February the firm won’t be keeping me on as there isn’t capacity for another newly qualified solicitor. Loosing my job before Christmas hit pretty hard and when I was meant to be enjoying the festivities  at the back of my mind I was panicking how I’m going to pay my rent. I have 4 weeks before I am jobless which makes heading into 2016 a little scary.

But what got me through the stress, anxiety and often anger (along with support from the fantastic people I am closest to) was running. 2015 was the year I discovered my love of running and despite everything else that happened I am very grateful for that one evening when I had to stay too late at work, didn’t have time to make it to the gym so chucked my kit on and ran to the train station; it was exhilarating. So if the only positive thing to come of 2015 is running then that’s ok with me. I have my health and a loving family and those are the most important things in life.

I always wanted to enjoy running, like you want to enjoy a healthy salad when there is a burger on offer but honestly I had never been a fan and reckoned it might be a bit of a fad. It came as a complete surprise to me and my friends/family when two months later I was still bubbling with enthusiasm and ran my first half marathon in 02:06:28. Looking back I’m really not sure how I managed that so soon but it spurred me on.


Summer running really sealed the deal for me. A post work run in the evening sun along the River Thames as the stress slipped away was the perfect end to a day. As Summer slipped into Autumn I enjoyed the crunch of the leaves running through the park, it was Winter I was concerned about. Running for the first time in cooler temperatures meant I was in need of a new running wardrobe, Sweaty Betty thermal leggings and long sleeved tops with thumb holes saw me kitted out and enthused to run in my new gear.


Training for a marathon and attending run clubs have definitely got me through some of the colder, wetter runs this Winter when the temptation to retreat to the sofa is highest.

Through running I have discovered the most amazing community and met some truly inspirational people, often after having followed them on Instagram for many months first. I want to say a big thank you to every runner / fitgirl I know/follow because you inspire me on a daily basis.


Mentally I am now ready to exit 2015 calling myself a runner. I crave the buzz I get from gearing up, getting out there and pushing myself a little further and little harder each time.

So now to my 2016 goals:

  1. Run my first marathon (as if you hadn’t guessed)
  2. Sub 2 hour half marathon
  3. Sub 50min 10km
  4. Improve my yoga practice / have a go at SUP Yoga
  5. Maybe a cheeky triathlon
  6. Most importantly I want to inspire & motive others on their fitness journey.

2016 will be the first year I’m not putting myself on a depressingly restrictive diet come 1 Jan in a bid to fulfill the resolution to loose weight. With the amount of running and exercise I’m going to be doing in 2016, unless I massively increase my calorie intake weight loss is going to be a natural side effect. For me 2016 is about becoming a stronger, faster, fitter runner which I won’t be able to achieve unless I am sensible about my nutrition and fuel my body properly, more to come on this.

2016 is going to be all about life in balance – “Eat clean, stay fit and have a burger to stay sane” Gigi Hadid.

Happy New Year fitfam, I hope you enjoy your NYE celebrations.




2 thoughts on “Reflections & resolutions

  1. I’ve just been catching up on your blog hun. I hadn’t realised so much had happened since we last met! Hope everything is starting to fall into place now. Looking forward to seeing you soon xx


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