Week 5

Happy New Year!
This week has felt a little strange, for the first time I’m going into the New Year without any staunch resolutions to overhaul my health and fitness attempts but rather a mindful effort to continue in 2016 with the same enthusiasm and determination as I’ve had in the last couple of months, particularly since starting my marathon training five weeks ago.
This week saw me run four times, clocking up 23 miles.
Tuesday – 10 miles
This was my long run of the week. I got my fueling spot on by eating two hours before my run and then during, at 5 miles, I had half a tribe bar, with the second half at 8 miles. My Legs and lungs felt strong, the weather was mild and towards the end there was a beautiful sunset. I was on a massive runner’s high.

Wednesday – 3.4 miles
I had a hectic day with lunch and dinner plans but managed to squeeze in a few miles and was pleasantly surprised with my speed the day after 10 miles.

Thursday – New Year’s Eve
I didn’t run because I needed every possible ounce of energy to keep me awake and to make it through the night. As it turned out, after a lovely meal and a then a glass of champagne at a Cocktail Bar in Crystal Palace, I was in my PJs watching the fireworks on TV.
Friday – 6 miles
So I was a tad smug when I woke up on New Year’s Day hang over free and went off on a 6 mile run. I always feel its a little over ambitious to think you’re going to be able to kick start a New Year’s health and fitness regime on a stinking hangover. I got drenched within minutes and was rather chilly but the smugness and notion of 2016 being the year of my first marathon saw me power through. I came home to find a candle lit bubble bath waiting which was heavenly!
Saturday – 4 miles
Miserable sums up this run. My theory was, I should go for a run in the dark before I have to go back to regularly running in the dark because I’m at work all day. This was a bad choice. I was so keen to get in the bath the day before I was naughty and didn’t stretch or foam roller. Massive error and I paid for it. The legs were heavy and tight, it was raining, cold and dark, so I kept it short.

Sunday – New workout toy
Alex bought us a new toy. Its not quite the stair master I dream of having at home but with spacial and financial constraints, a stepper is the next best thing. 15 minutes saw my heart rate raised and I began to feel the burn in my legs and bottom. This is going to be great to help with my pre-run glute activation, something I’m keen to work on in the coming months.

I’m back to work tomorrow, after nineteen days off, its not going to be easy. I have grown extremely fond of my lie ins, making myself proper breakfast and going for runs during the day. On a positive note, I’m looking forward to being back in Central London and getting my sweat on at fitness classes and catching up with my lovely fitness friends.

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