Week 6

Less than 100 days to go until Brighton Marathon and with that in mind it’s a little worrying that this week hasn’t gone to plan. But that’s why I opted for 20 weeks of training.
Going back to dragging myself out of bed at 7am, leaving and returning home in the dark and generally not being free between 9am- 7pm saw me neglect any sort of training. 19 days off work and I forget how I ever managed this routine and then also made time/ found the energy to run.
My intentions started off well, I endured the carnage of the overcrowded gym, it being the first Monday of the New Year and smiled nicely at the people in jeans walking on the treadmill, we all start somewhere right? (And no they weren’t those God awful exercise leggings made to look like jeans) I also tried not to get too annoyed at the tours of 10-15 people at a time being given, when the gym had already reached capacity, but when I had spent 10 mins queuing to do treadmill sprints and there showed no signs of a machine freeing up, I lost my patience and left having only managed 30 mins on the stairmaster.
Wednesday I managed a little over 4.5 miles, an evening run commute from the office to station and I remembered how much I love running along the river in the evening. It felt really good after four days of not running, but sadly that didn’t spur me on and Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw no more than a bit of walking being done. I was just plain exhausted.
After two lie ins and some beautiful weather I  coaxed myself outside with some new running gear I got for Christmas and I’ve been saving for a day when I needed an incentive to run.  My beautifully coordinating Ultra Boosts and 2XU compression legs.  Today’s 8 miles saw me get my head back in the game and ready to tackle Week 7 of my marathon training. I’m in Court all of next week as well so I’m looking forward to the slightly later starts and earlier finishes.
I’m also battling with what I now think are shin splints. For the last two weeks my shins have been very tender/painful to touch/ if I accidentally walk into something, but not otherwise. Unfortunately, today for the first few miles they also hurt whilst running. Desperately hoping this doesn’t  get any worse and have an effect on my training. Time to do some proper research / see a physio.
Good luck to everyone who started their training for the Spring marathons this week, I look forward to all your updates.

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