Week 7

After my Week 6 training flop I made a come back in Week 7 working out 5 out of 7 days and walking lots on the other two days. I did less running to allow my shins to recover a little and had great fun trying out some new classes.

The week’s lowdown:

Monday – 4 mile solo run

I got home after work and it was very chilly. As tempting as it was to cosy up in the warmth I threw on my kit and got out for a run before I had the time to change my mind. Numerous layers kept my top half warm but despite my thermal running tights my thighs were still bitterly cold. That aside I was very glad to start the week off as I meant to go on – #nevermissamonday.

Tuesday – Be:Fit London Run Club – 3 miles

First run club of 2016 and we were hosted out of the Lights of Soho as part of Be:Fit London take over week. Its a fantastic venue, there were lots of lovely treats from the generous sponsors and lovely to see many of my fitness ladies for the first time since before Christmas. We went for a leisurely 3 miles which I’m always grateful for as they allow me to exercise the run and natter technique.


Wednesday – Boxfit class at Workit London

Workit London  have been hosting a week of free classes,  at both of their studios in Central and East London. HIIT, Yoga and Boxfit classes were offer. I have been dying to try a boxing class for ages and to be honest been a little bit scared. The studio tucked within Albert House near to Old Street Station had a raw authentic feel. The trainers are former professionals and as a beginner I felt in good hands, just one session and I came away having improved my technique. It was a great class which mixed up boxing in partners, switching between holding pads and wearing gloves and bootcamp exercises in the form of burpees, squats, push ups etc. I woke up and really felt it in my arms. Can’t wait to put the gloves back on. Check out their schedule on their website.


Thursday – POUND class 

I headed back to Be:Fit London’s pop up at Lights of Soho. I have to be honest it was advertised on Twitter as a Pound Gymbox class. So when I turned up I expected to be paying £1 for a class normally run at Gymbox. When the lovely Sara Fakih handed us each a pair of bright green drum sticks I was utterly bemused. What followed was an hour of co-ordination fails, laughs and some serious “abs” burn. Essentially you are dancing/squatting/lunging whilst air drumming/pounding the floor. 10 out of 10 for a class that disguises the burn of squats. If my arms hurt from the day before, the next day I could barely lift them. My legs may be strong but I seriously need to work on my upper body. To find out more about Be:Fit London and their fantastic fitness festival in May head to their website and nab yourself a ticket.


Friday & Saturday – lots of walking, resting and colouring.

Sunday – Snow day

Opening the curtains to find it had snowed  my inner child came out to play. I’ve never run in the snow and have been very jealous of all the snow running pictures I’ve been seeing on Instagram from other countries. I have to be honest not a lot of actual consistent running was done as I kept stopping to take pictures. I now desperately want a proper snow day with heavy snow fall.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


After I was done frolicking, I headed to a Stretch and strengthening class held by the fantastically energetic Adrienne in collaboration with CoCoPro.  I’ve attended various sessions that Adrienne  has led in the past and her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and she really knows her stuff. I always come after with some brilliant exercises to add to my routine and today was no different. I’m always guilty of not stretching properly after running but today was a great reminder. There were definitely exercises that as a runner I struggled with but all of them gave me that wonderful ahhhhhhhh stretch feel. We finished off by re-hydrating with CoCoPro, which distinguishes itself in the coconut water market as being a combination of Pure Coconut Water and Whey Protein Isolate, creating the perfect post workout recovery drink. I had the pineapple flavored variety and it was super yummy.

FullSizeRender (25)

Week 7 has been awesome,  I’m very glad I’ve got my groove back following my Week 6 blip. I am a little worried that I skipped a long run this week but right now its more important that my shins recover than I get the miles in. With some tape, stretching and foam rolling I’m hoping to get out for a longish run next week.









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