Week 8

I just booked our hotel in Brighton for the night before the marathon. This really is happening!

I stuck to running this week and other than Tuesday, laced up my trainers every day, keeping each run under 5 miles but clocking up 19 miles in total. I have scheduled a long run next Saturday and I’m hoping to make it to 10 miles without the shin splits niggling given how much TLC they have been given this week. Fingers crossed I will be back on track with my long runs soon.
Monday – Shake Shack Run Club
I’ve always wanted to try the Shack And Track Run but unfortunately work doesn’t allow me to get over to Stratford in time. I should explain, Shake Shack are a super yummy burger joint, their run club involves running and then being fed said yumminess. So when I spotted on Twitter that a run club was launching out of their new  branch on Old Oxford Street, right by Tottenham Court Road and where I work I was delighted. Then guess who walks in to lead the run, Cornelius, also known as @bitbeefy who has always been great when I’ve encountered him at other events organised by Nike.  It was great to run with him, discussing everything from running tips to Making a Murderer (I’m addicted!!!!). Having run, sprinted and stretched I opted for refuel in the form of frozen custard which unashamedly I dipped crinkle chips into. It’s all about life in balance!
If you like to run and eat it’s well worth giving the run club a try, you even get a tech t-shirt to run in with a burger on it, yes I appreciate the irony. Run club is fortnightly, on a Monday at 6:30pm and the next is being held on 1st February.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw me back to my old run commute route from my office in Holborn to London Bridge Station along the Thames. Strictly it’s around 2.5 miles but I took some scenic detours to bank a few more miles. I cannot say what a stress relief it is after a tough day, literally running out of the office, pounding the pavement and taking the views across the Bridge of London.
On Thursday night my detour took me via Tower Bridge and I came across part of Third Space’s new studio launch, a 360 bullet camera. I’m not the most co-ordinated person so I went for a straight up jumping pose; it was so much fun. Check out the hashtag #thirdspace360 to see other people’s amazing shots.
Stupidly, each night I ran right up to the ticket barriers and then hoped on a crammed train. Which meant no stretching and then by the time I got home I was more interested in showering and dinner. I paid for it it this weekend!
Saturday – short run to pick up an exciting package from Epson. I only managed 3.5 miles as my calves were screaming at me to stop, yup that’s the not stretching three days in a row, and I was more excited about what I had just picked up. I was lucky to have been chosen to be one of Epson’s 100 Runners testing out their Runsense SF-810. A separate blog will be going up explaining the reviewing process as its over a couple of months rather than a one off.
Sunday – I was supposed to be taking part in Nike’s Run with Hart 5km this morning in Battersea Park but when my alarm went off and my legs felt like concrete and my neck was still very sore from having trapped a nerve yesterday I knew I had to listen to my body. It looked so much fun from what I’ve seen on social media but I didn’t want to cause any further damage and not be able to  run next week.
After foam rolling, massaging, bathing in Epsom Salts and some deep heat, I took my legs out for a 2 mile run in order to make my first Epson Runsense review video. I went as slow as a tortoise in peanut butter but I seemed to get the legs ticking over again.
Here is my first ever attempt at making and editing a video. I have no idea what I’m doing and think I sound ridiculous but if anything it might give you a laugh! Tips welcome!
As for Week 9, it’s Nike Women’s Week and on Tuesday I’m finally making a long over due first visit to one of the most talked about fitness studios in London. Watch this space!

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