Week 9

Where has January gone? A total of 68 miles in the marathon bank this month. Not where I intended to be but shin splints considered its a half decent contribution. Very happy with how this week’s training went.

Monday – Solo 3.5 mile plod 


I have wanted to go to Barry’s for at least 8 months, so basically forever. I was ashamed to admit that I hadn’t but at £20 a class I couldn’t financially justify it and in all honesty I was a little bit scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  I was extremely lucky to nab a free class as part of Nike Women Week on #TrainTuesday of all days. Walking in I was a little nervous, the people in front of me requested their favourite stations and were definitely svelte enough to be twice weekly regulars. But I felt a thrill of exploring a new studio and workout.


The class was Barry’s full body workout. I worked ever single muscle in my body, including ones I didn’t know I had. It was intense and almost extreme at times but if it hadn’t of been I would have been disappointing. For anyone who has experienced the holy grail that is Barry’s, its split between treadmill sprints, mostly at an incline and weights/bootcamp exercises on the “floor”. For any one considering going but a little worried, don’t be, yes its tough but its definitely worth it. On the treadmill the instructor gives you the option of beginner, intermediate or advanced speeds. I started off on beginner speeds but by the second treadmill set managed to dig deep and step it up to intermediate level. Equally on the floor you are able to choose how heavy you want your dumbbells to be.


60 minutes later I was an exhausted, disorientated but elated sweaty mess. I can’t rave about Barry’s enough, from the candles in the changing rooms to the most delicious post workout shake. It really is the complete package. Now how to fund this habit……

Barry’s I will be back to conquer 12.5 on the treadmill.

Wednesday- I couldn’t really lift by arms and my legs struggled with the stairs. 

Thursday – 5 mile run across London to attend the Nike Women Week SNKR lock in. 


Saturday – Long Run – 12 miles

With the shin splints being managed I ventured on a long run, my aim was to make it to ten miles. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I wasn’t faced with any time constraints so I ran and ran and ran and when my shin splints didn’t play up I ran some more. I refueled at 6 miles with a Tribe bar, I’m yet to perfect the run/fuel technique without choking so I stopped for a few minutes to eat and have a quick stretch. My pace wasn’t any where fast enough but I was more concerned with getting the miles in than pace. When I reached the end of my road I could have easily carried on for a few more miles but thought it wise not to over do my legs after my longest run for some time. I wore my 2XU compression tights whilst running and then my Sweaty Betty compression socks post run and whether its psychological or not my legs definitely recovered better than previously.


Sunday – 6 mile walk for a pub lunch

Three rest days but smashed Tuesday and Saturday’s workouts. Next week I’m planning to up the mileage as I reach the halfway point of my training. February I’m coming for you!!!!!!



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