Week 10 – Half way point

Week 10 marks the half way point of my marathon training. Thank goodness I opted for a 20 week training plan to allow for weeks like this. Out of know where on Tuesday evening I got hit by a cold accompanied by that fluish feeling and was blowing my nose for 4 days straight. The only thing stopping me from pushing through and getting out for a run was that I could barely breathe sitting still, so I had no chance whilst running. I panicked a little about having a week out but I’m certain that I got over the cold quicker as a result and received lots of reassurance from the lovely fitness people on Instagram. I managed to get a 6 mile run in before the cold hit but it was awfully painful and felt forced.

Today I was dying to do some exercise and work up a sweat and what better  way than Fempower’s February Sweat Up which was being held at ‘The King of Gyms” 1Rebel, one of my absolute favorite studios in London. If you haven’t yet ventured to 1Rebel its everything you could want from a fitness studio and I would urge you to look them up and pay a visit.  I have previously taken a Reshape class (hardest class of my life joint with Barry’s Bootcamp) but never experienced their Ride class, effectively its like a spin class +++ (but don’t let them hear you mention the word spin) its very much a case of #dontspinride.


The class was led by master trainer Melissa and founder of Fempower. It was quite possibly the best spin class I’ve ever been to. The energy in the room was electric. The motto being ‘Don’t just show up TURN UP’. I was drenched in sweat and at one point it was dripping into my eyes and stinging. I wasn’t wearing my watch but could tell my heart rate was super high and I WAS LOVING IT. It was exactly what I needed to rectify this week and was very happy to share it the fantastic Fempower ladies.


Post work out we were treated to some delicious pots of goodness from Well Fed and I had a luxurious shower with delightful products and fluffy towels to hand.


So what is Fempower???? I can’t really describe it any better than Melissa does on the Fempower blog so I’m not going to mix the message and quote her directly.

“Fempower was born in response to a demand to see women beyond the mirror.” Melissa goes on to say that she believes that “As long as a women is healthy and happy, that how she looks is up to her. As long as you are healthy, there is no such thing as too fat, thin, big, small. Healthy being the operative word.” Fempower at its core is about sweat goals and honest selfies – the mantra being #iamenough. I could not agree more but with social media this often difficult to see past and put into practice. I’ve long decided that I’m not going to stop myself going to fitness classes just because I don’t fit into tiny bits of lycra or stop running because I’m large chested and there is a considerable amount of bounce that goes on. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store to work towards defying the social norm of what a fit girl should look like.








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