Weeks 12 & 13 -Stepping out of your comfort zone

Weeks 12 and 13 saw me a little missing in action on the blog. If you haven’t read my last few posts the short story is, I’m currently unemployed and trying to get my head around my lack of routine/job searching. I am way out of my comfort zone. On reflection my week 11 post was  depressing enough that I decided I didn’t want to post again until I was in a more positive state of mind.

So a little update of whats gone on:

In Week 12, I qualified as a solicitor! Achieving my number 1 life goal to date. I did very little by way of marathon training other than one 6 mile plod but ate lots of yummy cake.

Week 13 – I started the week off with a 7 mile run.

This week Adidas hosted a pop up at The X to celebrate the launch of the new female only Pure Boost X trainers. I visited three times, but it was so good it entirely deserves its own post, which will be going up tomorrow.

Thursday saw me step completely outside of my comfort zone. I went to the gym with a friend who helped me brave the weights section in the gym and showed my exactly how to use each piece of equipment and perfect my “form”. Now I honestly don’t know what took me so long,  I think it was fear of the unknown and being more comfortable knowing what I’m doing with the cardio machines.

My favorite piece of equipment has to be the TRX suspension frame. Its so versatile and adds another level of difficulty to body weight exercises. I am definitely looking into getting a home suspension kit, for those days where time is a little tight and I need to sneak a home work out in.


I also braved the dead-lift for the first time. I hadn’t even ever considered weight lifting because my upper body strength is non-existent but my friend explained that dead-lifting was all about leg strength and that is something I do have. I started off by practicing the action of dead-lifting with just the bar which weighs 20kg; I would strongly advise doing this. Then I added 10kg to each side, then a further 5kg. A total of 50kg, which for a first session I was happy with.

This is a sight I never thought I would see:


Back to that non existent upper body strength, its something I really want to work on particularly to get my arms/back as toned as my legs. I was introduced to the assisted pull up machine which was fantastic. What I was horrified to see from this picture was just how flat my bottom is. Must make a conscious effort to do weighted squats (I learnt a fantastic glute workout at one of my Adidas classes that I will be posting about tomorrow)


And my final top discovery was the cables. There are lots of different cable stations, pulling down/out to the side/in front/behind with various attachments and I felt like I was working muscles that I didn’t know I had.


We spent a solid two and a half hours in the gym, granted a lot of that was demonstration and perfecting form but I came away amazed that I had done a good work out without getting super sweaty and out of breathe on a treadmill. By the afternoon my arms were starting to seize up and I was very very sore the next day, but I will not be letting these muscles go into hibernation. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away from weights for so long. I’m really looking forward to adding weights sessions into my training to make me a stronger runner and more toned.

My advice would be, grab a friend who knows what they are doing or book in a PT session and give it a try, you might not think weights are for you, they might not be, but equally you could have a revolutionary moment like me and look to banish your cardio bunny status.



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