The X – Adidas Pop Up

To launch the new women’s only running shoe, Pure Boost X, last week, Adidas hosted a pop up in Victoria Park aptly named ‘The X’.


Photo credit: Adidas

There were squeals of delight across social media channels in anticipation of what Adidas had in store for us and they certainly kept us guessing. First came this picture, containing practically all of my favourite fitness bloggers and then the news that they would each be teaching free classes. My excitement levels were through the roof.


Photo credit: Adidas

Tickets were released in waves on Billetto and it was a little bit chaotic to say the least. If you had speedy fingers and managed to spot that new tickets had become available you then still had to keep your fingers crossed as this only entered you into a ballot for a place. I was extremely lucky and managed to bag a spot in three classes.

First up was Cat Meffan’s energising yoga class. I am not a morning person so the 5:30am start to get to The X for 7:15am was tough but I’ve followed Cat on social media, particularly Snapchat through her yoga teaching training and  couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in one of her classes. She was fantastic, went at just the right pace, explained and demonstrated all the poses and we had a giggle along the way. Strange as it may be I have a thing about how yoga teachers sound and Cat has the perfect voice to guide you through yoga practice. I left feeling truly energised and ready to embrace the day.


Next was possibly the hardest class to get a spot at, Carly Rowena’s meet up. This involved Carly leading us through a 30 minute HIIT workout followed by nibbles, juice and question time. Carly is as honest as they come, it was a no limits ask me anything session and I banked a whole host of fantastic tips from training to nutrition and the inevitable boob talk. Carly told us her story of going from a job she didn’t particularly like, posting videos about random things on Youtube to her success as a fitness blogger today; I came away filled to the brim with inspiration.


And finally to top the week off, a class led by Zanna van Dijk. My boyfriend told me to play it cool and not be a ‘creepy lady’. I should explain, I have a little bit of a huge fitspo girl crush on Zanna, I can’t really explain it but its not creepy, promise.


Zanna made us sweat ALOT. Her class was super intense and I actually felt like I was going to be sick at one point, all my limbs were shaking. She divided the session into two parts, exercises with dumbbells and then body weighted exercises. Then within that it was divided up into circuits, four exercises per circuit,  30 seconds to rest then repeat the circuit four times. Zanna had a fantastic no nonsense approach of get it done, it will hurt but you will feel amazing after and then you can rest. During the class I was in agony but once it was over  on the train home I frantically tried to recall and write down the workout to do at home because I knew if it hurt that much it must be working.

I should have known that in Zanna style she would be sharing the workout via her newsletter for everyone to try out, because she’s just lovely like that. I can’t find it on her website so I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it her – any one who doesn’t already receive her newsletter needs to go sign up pronto for more fab gems like this.

FullSizeRender (27)

FullSizeRender (26)

I’ve never been one for celebrities but in my world that’s exactly what these ladies are. I follow them on social media and my bedtime routine involves watching their Snapchat stories for the day so I go to bed filled with inspiration for the following day. To get the opportunity to be taught classes by them was just amazing. Cat, Carly and Zanna, don’t  teach classes and I think for all of them these sessions were their first time, ladies you were amazing and can’t stress personally and on behalf of the majority of fitness fans out their how much we would like you do classes on a more regular basis.

Go grab yourself some inspiration:

Cat Meffan

Carly Rowena

Zanna van Dijk

Now to the shoes! During each of the above workouts we got to test out the Pure Boost X. My current favourite shoes are Adidas’ Ultra Boost, so I had high hopes for the “upgraded” version, particularly given the technology that had gone into the design, tailoring them specifically for women.  I wear a size 8 in my Ultra Boosts and that is is to allow a little room as I am usually a 7-7.5. I had to go up to a size 8.5 in the Pure Boost X and even then they were a little snug.


In total I wore the shoes three times. My first impressions were that I liked the design but that the arch was very uncomfortable. It felt like there was something in my shoe or my sock had bunched up (it hadn’t). By the third time I tried the shoes I had become accustomed to the sensation of the arch so if you try them on in a shop and feel that peculiar feeling don’t necessarily be put off straight away, you do get used to it.

Whilst working out during Carly and Zanna’s classes I didn’t feel like the shoe gave me much support, particularly in comparison to the Ultra Boosts. Now I think it’s possibly more psychological for me having ripped the ligaments in my foot a few years ago that I like the support but I felt like my feet were sliding around sideways in the shoe. However, they do provide a degree of flexibility and are far lighter than the Ultra Boosts when doing HIIT exercises and I was able to move my feet faster.  I would definitely consider having Pure Boost X’s as my gym shoes.

Finally I tried the shoes out running, round the one mile loop outside The X which had been beautifully lit up. I have to say, for a short run I might possibly wear the Pure Boost X shoes but wouldn’t want to do anything over 5km and again this is for the support I look for in my running shoes.


A big thank you to Adidas for a fantastic week, for Social Pantry for fuelling us and the amazing box of treats from Sourced (more on this soon).

I am carrying all the positive energy I’ve banked forward in my marathon training.





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