Lululemon’s Sweat Life Festival 

Last Saturday Lululemon held the eagerly awaited Sweatlife Festival at Tobacco Dock. The best of London’s fitness studios and health food/drinks companies came together to create a fantastic day of sweat. 

Tickets were prices at £20 which considering what classes were on offer was an absolute bargain. I was very grateful to Oppo Ice cream for my tickets but would had paid to go regardless. It was also a particularly special occasion as I managed to persuade my fitness phobe sister to join me and she enjoyed it! She has no idea what I’m going to be trying to convince her to do with me from now on! 
We arrived around lunch time and soaked up the buzzing atmosphere. There were sweaty exhausted looking faces and those eagerly awaiting their first class. I was in my element. 

We started off with an hour long vinyasa yoga class with Marc Hatvani. I haven’t done yoga in so long and with my tight runner’s muscles it showed. It was a definite reminder I need to try a get one class in a week. Feeling beautifully stretched I was pleased to just about get into a wheel. My sister made me laugh saying she felt like a 5 year old again being told to put her feet and legs over her head. Something else she said really made me think, at the very end Marc was talking about letting go of everything, to stop judging yourself and others and yet in the background there was a photographer continually clicking away. Attending fitness events I guess I am used to there being a photographer present bit of did make me think whether you can fully let go of yourself and give your all during a class/yoga practice if you are aware there if someone snapping away. Just a little something to think about.

Post yoga class we explored the healthy products on offer and sat enjoying a pot of Oppo Ice Cream, if you haven’t tried it I suggest you get yourself down to Waitrose/Co-op asap, it’s guilt free indulgence at its finest. 

Other than classes there were lots of mini challenges and competitions dotted around the venue. In particular the “Hang challenge”, how hard could it be? The record was around 2mins 10 seconds at the time we had a go. Well less than 29 seconds in my hands were slipping and I remembered I have absolutely no upper body strength! I didn’t last long after that. 

Of course no festival is complete without a crazy photobooth and Lululemon stepped it up a knot and had a GIF photobooth. We definitely had more than one go –

A Psycle and a Kobox class later, I left with a sweaty content smile on my face, this was definitely my sort of festival. Fingers crossed it will be back next year! 

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