The countdown is on!

A calendar month today I will have completed my second marathon (18 September). I haven’t done an update on how my training is going after my 100 mile run commute challenge and I thought it was about time.

So currently I have mixed feelings. One day I’m ready and raring to see how much I can smash my current marathon time by and proudly place another shiny bit of bling on the dresser. The next I’m in despair that I’m going to be putting my body through another 26.2 miles. This generally reflects the days I run well and those where my legs refuse to co-operate. 
Here’s my super concentrated/I’m really scared face from the Track Mafia X Nike Run Club event, which I pull every time someone asks how the training is going: 

I’ve had several very successful 4-8 mile runs but my most recent attempt at running 10 miles left me a little crushed. I hate giving up but it was a Friday night and I really wasn’t enjoying it, the shins hurt and so I stopped at 6 miles. 

Really I ought to be up to 14-16 miles at this stage in my training and I’m panicking slightly as a result. Consequently I think I’m putting even more pressure on the runs to be “successful” and inevitably mentally struggling even more when they aren’t. 

Basically I need to chill out. 

This is me finishing strong, the speed lap I was so terrified about messing up for my team and in front of lots of people. Moral, I need to doubt myself less:  

Thank you to the lovely Georgia and Laura for the all important snaps.

Part of me takes comfort in the fact that I’ve done it before so I can do it again. But then I am perfectly aware that you need to respect the distance. I’m concerned the former is making me a little lackadaisical and I’m a little annoyed at myself for not taking training as seriously as I intended. Life just got in the way. 

So the plan for the next four weeks is to get in a 13, 15, 18 and 20 miler. Not necessarily in that order. Time to download some new podcasts. I’d be grateful for any recommendations to see me through. 


A Weekend in Warsaw

I was very fortunate to win a competition hosted by Faya Nilsson, a wellbeing ambassador for Westin Hotels & Resorts for a trip to Warsaw. (Head over to her Instagram for incredibly fitness inspiration @fitnessontoast)

It was my first time in Warsaw and if I’m honest it’s not somewhere that was even on my radar to visit. If you are thinking the same be sure to read on.

Warsaw is around a two hour flight from London Luton and then our hotel was only a 10-15 minute drive from the airport so I wasn’t left feeling at all groggy after travelling. We stayed at The Westin Warsaw and absolutely loved the hotel. Minus a roof top pool with a pink flamingo, there was everything you could possibly want and more. We had an executive room on the top level, 20 floors up in the clouds. 

Whilst you are on holiday it’s so easy to fall into bad habits. Westin have designed a specific wellbeing range to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle whilst away from home and “Stay Well”.
Let’s start with the room. A bed, bath, rainfall shower, fluffy rope and slippers all from the ‘Heavenly’ wellbeing range. At home we have an amazing Superking bed so we are often disappointed, but it was the best night sleep I’ve ever had in a hotel. I woke up feeling relaxed, refreshed and raring to explore. 

The staff were all lovely, very welcoming and the service was fantastic through out our stay. It was such a thoughtful touch to have a fruit platter and chilled water brought to our room within minutes of us arriving. 

Breakfast was like an Instagram smoothie bowl station that I wish I had access to every day. I did a lot of swooning. It made starting the day off on a healthy note even easier with a wide selection of fresh fruit and Westin’s Superfoods range. No doubt I would have opted for the ‘treat your self it’s a holiday’ cooked breakfast instead.

The hotel is fitted out with a gym and sauna. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the gym equipment, which was all state of the art and the free space available for stretching and floor work. A lovely and convenient touch is that Westin have partnered with New Balance and offer a kit lending service. So if unlike me you don’t want to use up 90% of your luggage for activewear and trainers, they will be happy to kit you out. So you avoid the dilemma of trainers being too bulky to pack or not being able to workout. 

I only used the gym once for a quick speed treadmill run and some stretching as I wanted to use the opportunity to “run explore” the city. It was delightfully flat! Having banked a decent amount of miles each day I was more than happy to take advantage of the complimentary prosecco on offer in the Executive Club lounge from 6-8pm. Another superb perk. 

Now for the highlights of our discoveries:

The Vistula / “Wisla” River

Along the banks of the river there are six sandy beaches. In between the beaches are boats with restaurants/bars on deck and pop up bars/food stalls. Beautifully relaxing by day and the hub of summer nightlife come dark. 

I loved sitting by the water, cold beer in hand, getting my toes in the sand post run; an added bonus when you are in a city. One of the beaches even did water-sports, given more time I would have loved to go kayaking or jet skiing. Handy tip, there is a free boat taxi service across the river between the beaches. 
The Old Town

In contrast to the sleek modern skyscrapers where our hotel was located, the Old Town had a wonderfully quaint charm about it. The buildings were stunning, they oozed character and history. The star of the Old Town is the main square, where we were able to sit, eat, drink and soak up the atmosphere. A particular favourite was “The Wine Garden” although after a glass in midday heat it went straight to my head.

Old Town of Warsaw – “Jesteś piękna” (You are beautiful) 

The Palace of culture and Science

This has to be the most eye catching building in all of Warsaw and until recently it was the tallest at 231 metres high. For a small entry fee of 20zl (approx £4) you can be whizzed up to the viewing gallery on the 30th floor for a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. In general we found everything to be very reasonably priced (particularly compared to London).

The University Library Rooftop Garden

There are two levels to the beautiful garden connected by a cascading stream of water and a staircase, allowing access between the two and a stunning view as you ascend/descend. 

On the upper level there is a viewing platform providing fantastic views over the river and a series of paths and bridges connecting the various segments of the gardens. With each corner I turned, I was gasping and pointing at another intricate element of the garden’s design. I really couldn’t recommend it more and entry to the gardens is free.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, 30 Degrees, blue skies and sat on the beach/river bank/in the Old Town Square and I felt like I was on holiday in a Mediterranean country.  The Westin Warsaw is one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in and I would definitely seek out a Westin where ever my adventures take me next. I came home after just three days and two nights feeling full of culture, history and wanderlust.

Warsaw you exceeded expectations. 

Pokemon Go

I’ve never been one for electronic games, other than a little Candy Crush to kill time when there isn’t any signal and I’ve not got a book to hand. I did however feel somewhat nostalgic when I heard Pokemon was going to be available as a phone app. I had no plans to download it, I wasn’t ten years old again.

Then the hype began….. and I thought that perhaps it would be interesting to see what all the fuss was about and as research for a blog post to consider whether the game really could help make people more active as it claimed. 

With the app installed I wandered to Crystal Palace Park, somewhere I assumed lots of Pokemon would enjoy lurking. I was genuinely astounded about the number of young people in groups, hurrying between spots, frantically tapping at their phones before dashing to the next spot; there was a genuine buzz amongst groups of teenagers who I never seen do anything but lie on the grass looking un-phased by the world. 

 Next were groups of grown men. I do not mean to be offensive but I was genuinely pleased to see people who, granted I’m making assumptions,  were overweight and looked like they would normally spent a Saturday in the pub together. Instead they were doing laps of the park. 

Now I’m not a parent, so maybe I’ve judged too soon but I absolutely detest allowing children to be glued to various devices playing electronic games; as opposed to parents taking them to the park or swimming. So I’ve been pleased to see parents walking around the parks with their children, even if they are both staring at their phones, they are interacting and getting some fresh air. 

So thats three demographics that I’ve seen Pokemon has got out and about. Crucial to this is that you have to walk about to play the game. But what about people who are active on a daily basis?

I definitely don’t need a game to get me out and about. That said, on the way to work in the morning I’ve found myself leaving ten minutes earlier to walk the long way to the station and going out of my way up and down streets to visit “Poke Stops”.  I did notice a marginal increase on my daily steps but the count is hardly low to start with.

On Monday morning I went through the ordeal of a molar tooth extraction. Beforehand the dentist said no exercise for Monday/Tuesday and then only light exercise for the rest of the week. I told the dentist that I was training for a marathon but would stick to a  jog no speed work. He raised an eyebrow. Apparently jogging is not considered light exercise. But I had Pokemon go and surely walking was light exercise. Needless to say I’m now Level 9 and have nearly 100 Pokemon. I seriously need to delete the app, I’d rather just go for a stroll and take in the natural scenery. 

Today a senior colleague wanted to get ahead of his girlfriend by the time he got home and asked if I wanted to go for a quick Pokemon hunting walk at lunchtime; we usually don’t leave our desks unless it’s the 7 mins it takes me to make it to Tesco Express and back. Mid-walk I had a moment of clarity, I was a little addicted and I wasn’t the only one who had caught the bug. 

That said, I am extremely disturbed by the stories I’ve heard of people falling off cliffs, getting stuck in Mines, lurking on people’s front gardens and disrespecting venues such as the holocaust memorial. The warning as the game loads clearly states – “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings”. It’s a bit of fun and it’s great if it gets people outside walking but unfortunately there will always be people who take it to the extreme in the quest to “Catch them all”. 

Marathon Number Two


*Image from

Crossing the finish line of Brighton Marathon  there was no doubt I’d be doing another; the thrill of that last mile alone was contagious.

Brighton, as my first, was simply about seeing if I could hack it. The training through the cold winter months, the physical and mental drain and then the 26.2 miles itself. Being my first I just wanted to finish in one piece.

Having survived, without so much as a blister I knew that I could have pushed myself to go faster; which is exactly what I intend to do during Marathon Number two.

IMG_1360 (1).JPG

I decided that I couldn’t wait an entire year until Spring marathon season and so I started researching Autumn marathons. We are hoping to go away on a two week holiday in early October so I decided I would opt for something localish, to avoid hotel/travel expenses associated with races. I had heard of Richmond Running Festival before and read good things about the organisation and atmosphere of the half marathon. Then I discovered that for the first time this year, a full marathon was being added to the festival; coupled with the fact that the course is pancake flat and I love Richmond, it ticked all the boxes.

FullSizeRender (37)

I learnt a lot from training for my first marathon, what works, what doesn’t and what I need to improve on. Last time I undertook a cautious twenty week program and it simply too long. Twenty weeks is an awfully long time to keep focused and quite simply I became frustrated and bored. This time around, given that my fitness levels remained in tact post Brighton, I am opting for fourteen weeks; commencing today and concluded on the big day 18 September 2016.

I have also drawn myself up a more strict training program, based on Hal Higdon’s ‘The Novice 1 plan’. It essentially reflects the plan but with some of the days swapped around, particularly to account for certain events such as my friend’s wedding and Alex’s birthday; I doubt he’d be too impressed me abandoning him for a 16 mile run. However, I am determined to more strictly follow a plan so that I resist the urge to make it up on a weekly basis. If an event or class comes up, then I will still make time for it but  just make sure I get my run done in the morning before work instead. Conveniently my new office is located exactly ten miles from home.

My next addition is the inclusion of speed work. I am not a fast runner, I enjoy plodding and even as far back as the days at school, I could just about drum up some enthusiasm for 800m but the 100m filled me with dread. Following Brighton I haven’t had much desire to go on any long runs, you could say that I had my fill after running for 6 hours straight (minus the portaloo stops). Instead I have been sticking to 5 milers and 3-5 mile treadmill speed work; I know it’s not quite the same but I find it a lot easier to maintain my speed for longer on a treadmill. In just 6 weeks I’ve knocked minutes off my previous 3 and 5 mile times and running on the road I have also noticed that my natural pace is a little faster than pre-marathon. So I’m hoping that in 14 weeks time with a focused speed session once a week, it will help me to chip away at my current marathon time.

FullSizeRender (39).jpg

To keep my mind on track, I am also undertaking an online ‘Behaviour Change’ Course with Future Fit Training to help me understand behaviours and how they can be changed. I am guilty of several persistent bad ‘habits’ and whilst I constantly endeavour to quash them once and for all, add lack of sleep, stress or sometimes just some bad weather into the mix and my efforts dissipate. I’m hoping this course will help me understand my own behaviour better and enable me to share this knowledge with you.

So here’s to the next 14 weeks and marathon number two; I hear there are still places, if any one fancies joining me!



Hellweek at Barry’s Bootcamp

Hellweek and Barry’s were two words that dominated my vocabulary during Week 14. At one point I was asked who is this Barry and why is he making you have a bad week?

I made my first, long awaited, visit to Barry’s back in January, Week 9, describing it as the holy grail of workouts and the whole experience of setting foot in the studio, being the complete package. I was warned Barry’s was addictive and I was dying to get back there.

Hellweek at Barry’s occurs whenever there are five Monday’s in a month and involves 7 classes in 7 days.  Days 1-4 focus on different specific muscle groups and then Days 5-7 are full body workouts. Considering how tough I found my first class and how sore I was the days after, the idea of Hellweek seemed ludicrous and that made the challenge all the more appealing to me.

FullSizeRender (29)

At first I was a little concerned on the effect Hellweek would have on my marathon training, as I wouldn’t be running for a whole week and then half of the next recovering. As you may have seen from my last few posts as it turned out there has been a major blip in my training as it is and so I felt Hellweek was just the extreme challenge that I needed, to mentally and physically reboot me.

Booking for classes go live at 12 midday each day for the following week. Luckily for me there was no fight over 10:45am and 4:15pm weekday classes, but to book my weekend classes I had to have speedy fingers and be on the website, refreshing at 11:59am. There was definitely some carnage amongst my fellow Hellweekers over bagging the sought after classes just either side of working hours.

Monday – Abs & Arms at East with Olly Truelove

On the treadmill I reached 8mph and maxed out, I was extremely uncomfortable and gasping for breath. On the floor I was struggling with the 5kg dumbbells. I have no upper body strength. I gave it my all but came away thinking how on earth did I think I could do this for 7 days in a row. After class I sampled one of Barry’s infamous post work out shakes. I opted for  Simply PB and within one sip I was addicted. Knowing that I had a shake waiting at the end of each workout honestly was a life saver. I planned to try out various shakes over the course of the week but only managed to venture from this classic once.


Tuesday – Legs and Bum at East with Jemma

I really didn’t want to face the treadmill again. Like really really didn’t want to. Then the incline went to 8%. If it wasn’t for Jemma shouting my name in encouragement I would have not managed to keep up my speed. On the floor, with my runner’s legs I was feeling strong and enjoyed the burn from the squats and lunges. This gave me a real boost to tackle the second round on the treadmill.


Wednesday – Chest, back and abs at East with Faisal aka Mr PMA 

I’ve heard a lot about how awesome Faisal’s classes are and the reality did not disappoint. High energy, full of encouragement and a tonne of Positive Mental Attitude saw me reaching 9.5mph and upping my dumbbells to 6kg. Something really clicked in this class and I left on a high ready to conquer the rest of the week.  I also had my first shower at Barry’s (don’t judge the other days I was heading straight home) and the products they use by Malin + Goetz are heavenly. The peppermint shampoo is just the revitalization you need after a sweaty class and the body lotion feels like silk. Yet another expensive habit to resist adopting.


Thursday  – Abs at East with Jemma

Abs are something I long for but yet can never bring myself to work on outside a class environment. I knew this was going to be a tough session because my core strength is very poor. I may not have visible abs but they are definitely hidden away somewhere because by the end of the session and several rounds of planks, crunches, jackknives, they were on fire. On the treadmill I stared myself down (the walls are mirrors) as I ranked up the speeds to reach 10mph following Wednesday’s improvement and we faced inclines of 12%.

Friday – Fullbody at Central with Alex

15% inclines, 11mph speeds and 8kg dumbbells. Today really demonstrated to me the progress you can make in just five days if you really stick your heels in. Tackling a full body workout when every single muscle group already hurts is super tough. I kept thinking of the shake waiting for me at the end and used the staring myself down in the mirror tactic again.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Saturday – Fullbody at Central with Hannah

I woke up and my body was crying out for a rest day. I was very stiff and every small movement engaged a sore muscle. It was most definitely the hardest day mentally as usually I would never exercise for this many days in a row. But was I going to skip class and be a Hellweek drop out. HELL NO. I knew by this point I would be struggling and was so grateful that I had co-ordinated doing a class with other fellow hellweekers. I loved Hannah’s class, from her style to her playlist, it was brutal and amazing in equal measures. 1 handed burpees on Day 6 of Hellweek…. there were not words, I genuinely feared how my face would fare again the floor. On the treadmill an amazing tune came on and I made it to 11.5mph sprint speed, how when we were running on a 9% incline for recovery I don’t know. I literally couldn’t even talk by the time we finished.  TMI but I was a little bit sick in my mouth at one point.


(Photo credit – Laura Murray @murraylaura)

Sunday – THE BIG FINISHER – Fullbody at Central with Shane

The class was buzzing, we all knew we had an hour left to give it every last morsel of energy we had and then some, before Hellweek was complete. The badge of being a Hellweek survivor was dangling in front of us and there was no holding back. When the lights went down, I pushed and pushed and pushed, having come away from Hellweek, I didn’t want to think that I hadn’t given it my all and knowing that tomorrow would be rest day I emptied the tank. 12.3mph sprint on the treadmill for 30 seconds. It took absolutely everything I had. Staring in the mirror I was going so fast my reflection was blurry and my cheeks couldn’t keep up with the movement of the rest of my face. I have to confess I took my finger off the speed button a little too early, I thought I was at 12.5mph. But I’ll be back to conquer that 12.5 officially and want to work towards maintaining speeds of 10/11mph for the 90 second sprints.

I felt pure elation when the lights came up knowing I had conquered Hellweek, I wanted to bottle that feeling up, instead I’m going to remind myself of it when I’m at Mile 20 of my marathon and need that spur to the finish line.


(Photo credit : Charlie Watson @therunnerbeans)

What really topped the week off for me was the amazing support and inspiration from all the other Hellweekers. We may have only done a few classes together but we exchanged stories of the aches, pains, achievements and number of half naked men, each day, making it feel like we really were taking on the challenge together.

I am so proud of myself and every other person that took on Hellweek. Its brutal but as I sit here nursing my sore muscles I have no regrets. I feel stronger, physically and mentally than ever before. Brighton Marathon, I’m coming for you!!!

If you have any questions, doubts or concerns about attending your first Barry’s class or taking on Hellweek ask away. Oh and I may have already looked up that the next Hellweek is in May…..

See you in the redroom.











The X – Adidas Pop Up

To launch the new women’s only running shoe, Pure Boost X, last week, Adidas hosted a pop up in Victoria Park aptly named ‘The X’.


Photo credit: Adidas

There were squeals of delight across social media channels in anticipation of what Adidas had in store for us and they certainly kept us guessing. First came this picture, containing practically all of my favourite fitness bloggers and then the news that they would each be teaching free classes. My excitement levels were through the roof.


Photo credit: Adidas

Tickets were released in waves on Billetto and it was a little bit chaotic to say the least. If you had speedy fingers and managed to spot that new tickets had become available you then still had to keep your fingers crossed as this only entered you into a ballot for a place. I was extremely lucky and managed to bag a spot in three classes.

First up was Cat Meffan’s energising yoga class. I am not a morning person so the 5:30am start to get to The X for 7:15am was tough but I’ve followed Cat on social media, particularly Snapchat through her yoga teaching training and  couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in one of her classes. She was fantastic, went at just the right pace, explained and demonstrated all the poses and we had a giggle along the way. Strange as it may be I have a thing about how yoga teachers sound and Cat has the perfect voice to guide you through yoga practice. I left feeling truly energised and ready to embrace the day.


Next was possibly the hardest class to get a spot at, Carly Rowena’s meet up. This involved Carly leading us through a 30 minute HIIT workout followed by nibbles, juice and question time. Carly is as honest as they come, it was a no limits ask me anything session and I banked a whole host of fantastic tips from training to nutrition and the inevitable boob talk. Carly told us her story of going from a job she didn’t particularly like, posting videos about random things on Youtube to her success as a fitness blogger today; I came away filled to the brim with inspiration.


And finally to top the week off, a class led by Zanna van Dijk. My boyfriend told me to play it cool and not be a ‘creepy lady’. I should explain, I have a little bit of a huge fitspo girl crush on Zanna, I can’t really explain it but its not creepy, promise.


Zanna made us sweat ALOT. Her class was super intense and I actually felt like I was going to be sick at one point, all my limbs were shaking. She divided the session into two parts, exercises with dumbbells and then body weighted exercises. Then within that it was divided up into circuits, four exercises per circuit,  30 seconds to rest then repeat the circuit four times. Zanna had a fantastic no nonsense approach of get it done, it will hurt but you will feel amazing after and then you can rest. During the class I was in agony but once it was over  on the train home I frantically tried to recall and write down the workout to do at home because I knew if it hurt that much it must be working.

I should have known that in Zanna style she would be sharing the workout via her newsletter for everyone to try out, because she’s just lovely like that. I can’t find it on her website so I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it her – any one who doesn’t already receive her newsletter needs to go sign up pronto for more fab gems like this.

FullSizeRender (27)

FullSizeRender (26)

I’ve never been one for celebrities but in my world that’s exactly what these ladies are. I follow them on social media and my bedtime routine involves watching their Snapchat stories for the day so I go to bed filled with inspiration for the following day. To get the opportunity to be taught classes by them was just amazing. Cat, Carly and Zanna, don’t  teach classes and I think for all of them these sessions were their first time, ladies you were amazing and can’t stress personally and on behalf of the majority of fitness fans out their how much we would like you do classes on a more regular basis.

Go grab yourself some inspiration:

Cat Meffan

Carly Rowena

Zanna van Dijk

Now to the shoes! During each of the above workouts we got to test out the Pure Boost X. My current favourite shoes are Adidas’ Ultra Boost, so I had high hopes for the “upgraded” version, particularly given the technology that had gone into the design, tailoring them specifically for women.  I wear a size 8 in my Ultra Boosts and that is is to allow a little room as I am usually a 7-7.5. I had to go up to a size 8.5 in the Pure Boost X and even then they were a little snug.


In total I wore the shoes three times. My first impressions were that I liked the design but that the arch was very uncomfortable. It felt like there was something in my shoe or my sock had bunched up (it hadn’t). By the third time I tried the shoes I had become accustomed to the sensation of the arch so if you try them on in a shop and feel that peculiar feeling don’t necessarily be put off straight away, you do get used to it.

Whilst working out during Carly and Zanna’s classes I didn’t feel like the shoe gave me much support, particularly in comparison to the Ultra Boosts. Now I think it’s possibly more psychological for me having ripped the ligaments in my foot a few years ago that I like the support but I felt like my feet were sliding around sideways in the shoe. However, they do provide a degree of flexibility and are far lighter than the Ultra Boosts when doing HIIT exercises and I was able to move my feet faster.  I would definitely consider having Pure Boost X’s as my gym shoes.

Finally I tried the shoes out running, round the one mile loop outside The X which had been beautifully lit up. I have to say, for a short run I might possibly wear the Pure Boost X shoes but wouldn’t want to do anything over 5km and again this is for the support I look for in my running shoes.


A big thank you to Adidas for a fantastic week, for Social Pantry for fuelling us and the amazing box of treats from Sourced (more on this soon).

I am carrying all the positive energy I’ve banked forward in my marathon training.





Week 10 – Half way point

Week 10 marks the half way point of my marathon training. Thank goodness I opted for a 20 week training plan to allow for weeks like this. Out of know where on Tuesday evening I got hit by a cold accompanied by that fluish feeling and was blowing my nose for 4 days straight. The only thing stopping me from pushing through and getting out for a run was that I could barely breathe sitting still, so I had no chance whilst running. I panicked a little about having a week out but I’m certain that I got over the cold quicker as a result and received lots of reassurance from the lovely fitness people on Instagram. I managed to get a 6 mile run in before the cold hit but it was awfully painful and felt forced.

Today I was dying to do some exercise and work up a sweat and what better  way than Fempower’s February Sweat Up which was being held at ‘The King of Gyms” 1Rebel, one of my absolute favorite studios in London. If you haven’t yet ventured to 1Rebel its everything you could want from a fitness studio and I would urge you to look them up and pay a visit.  I have previously taken a Reshape class (hardest class of my life joint with Barry’s Bootcamp) but never experienced their Ride class, effectively its like a spin class +++ (but don’t let them hear you mention the word spin) its very much a case of #dontspinride.


The class was led by master trainer Melissa and founder of Fempower. It was quite possibly the best spin class I’ve ever been to. The energy in the room was electric. The motto being ‘Don’t just show up TURN UP’. I was drenched in sweat and at one point it was dripping into my eyes and stinging. I wasn’t wearing my watch but could tell my heart rate was super high and I WAS LOVING IT. It was exactly what I needed to rectify this week and was very happy to share it the fantastic Fempower ladies.


Post work out we were treated to some delicious pots of goodness from Well Fed and I had a luxurious shower with delightful products and fluffy towels to hand.


So what is Fempower???? I can’t really describe it any better than Melissa does on the Fempower blog so I’m not going to mix the message and quote her directly.

“Fempower was born in response to a demand to see women beyond the mirror.” Melissa goes on to say that she believes that “As long as a women is healthy and happy, that how she looks is up to her. As long as you are healthy, there is no such thing as too fat, thin, big, small. Healthy being the operative word.” Fempower at its core is about sweat goals and honest selfies – the mantra being #iamenough. I could not agree more but with social media this often difficult to see past and put into practice. I’ve long decided that I’m not going to stop myself going to fitness classes just because I don’t fit into tiny bits of lycra or stop running because I’m large chested and there is a considerable amount of bounce that goes on. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store to work towards defying the social norm of what a fit girl should look like.